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About us

We Help Our Clients To Achieve Their Desired Goals Infosys Telecom is an ISO certified and Award-winning VoIP distributor in India. Incorporated in 2018 with its headquarter in Mysore. Corporate Office in 7A Kailash Puram, Govindpuram spread across the country in Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, Hyderabad, & Chennai. Our expertise lies in providing VoIP Products & Solutions across India. We are Dealers/ Distributors for Sangoma | Dinstar | Digium | Fanvil | Yealink | Grandstream | Skylink – GSM Gateways / VOLTE Gateways / FXO-FXS Gateways, PRI Cards & Gateways, Fanvil – IP Phones | Door Phones | SIP Speakers, Ubeida Professional Call Center Headsets across India. We are also Award Winning Select Partners for Asterisk/Digium. With more than 50+ VOIP resellers/SI across India, we have also innovated in-house Contact Center Software and Enterprise Communications Applications for Call Centers and SMB Customers.
Our Team

Infosys Telecom is a perfect blend of management, engineering and technical skills. The two main pillars of Infosys Telecom is experience and young enthusiasm which binds together to perform the best quality of telecom services.

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